Thursday, 18 October 2007

Stack-Its Update

Good News - the Stack-Its have finally arrived except for a couple of designs on back order. For those of you not quite sure what they are, I have pasted below information from one of our news letters

This latest form of 3d is quick to do and looks very effective. There are 6-7 varying sizes of the same image and these are placed one on top of the other (using 3d pads) starting with the largest one first. This creates a pyramid effect from the largest to the smallest image. These are available in both general
(Including Oriental) and Christmas designs.

All the Stack-Its are now on our online shop

Don't forget FGS are running a Christmas Card making Competition using their new Christmas 3d. !st prize is 100 sheets of all occasions decoupage. A great prize!!


Sue said...

Hi Sue and Pat - I am well into this blogging thing and I've put a link to the shop on my blog. Got to support your local supplier. It's a way down on the left - but it's there.

Sue said...

Oh and meant to say - great that you're now stocking the acrylic paint - and such a huge range of colours - yummy ....